Understanding Ketosiswith Dorian Greenow


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Most powerful way to test for ketosis 
  • Why testing is so important 
  • How to sustain the keto-lifestyle longterm

Guest Expert

Dorian Greenow

Keto-Mojo founder, Dorian Greenow, established the world’s first independently owned blood ketone-testing company. He is the mojo behind Keto-Mojo, with the goal to spread keto news, information, tools and understanding so people can make changes in their lives that allow them to live longer, healthier lives without straining our ecosystems. 

In 1996, Greenow left his hometown in southern England for New York City. He had nothing more than a pack on his back and $750 in his pocket. There, he met his future wife and business partner, Gemma, who introduced him to the world of food and wine. Over the years, what Greenow describes as “American disease” set in. His weight ballooned to 207 pounds, he was on antidepressants and found himself able to balance a beer bottle on his extended belly. He’d lost his mojo and decided to get it back through optimal wellness. Extensive research him to the ketogenic diet, and within six months, he had measurable success. Ketogenic living changed his life, and he wanted to give back the best way he knew how — by making the lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Dorian Greenow and Gemma Kochis are the founders of The Ketogenic Foundation, which funds research on the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle with the intent of influencing health and medical policies for the greater good. A portion of Keto-Mojo’s profits go to supporting The Ketogenic Foundation.

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