How Sugar Hijacks Your Brainwith Howard Moskowitz, PhD


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Products with less sugar that taste good
  • Teaching children to advocate for their health 
  • Making healthier decisions

Guest Expert

Howard Moskowitz, PhD

Howard Moskowitz received his PhD in experimental psychology from Harvard University in 1969. He was a government scientist for seven years and then CEO of Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc. In 2014, he became a full-time mentor of students, as a scientist and technology developer. His mentorship work includes showing students how to use BimiLeap Mind Genomics, writing papers with students, and guiding entrepreneurs in product design, development and communication.

Moskowitz is the founder of the journal Chemical Senses, and for 30+ years his work focused on sweetness: sweet mixtures, product design, emotion, menu selection, communication research, high potency artificial sweeteners, basic science and applied product development. His work, from the 1970's onward, is still considered a fine example of the blend of psychophysics (perception), community health and product development/marketing.

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